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General conditions of use

This document and the legal information in it govern the use of the services offered by Autogrill Italia S.p.A. and other Autogrill Grooup companies to Autogrill customers registered with the My Autogrill loyalty programme (hereafter “User(s)”) via the website (hereafter “Website”) and/or the My Autogrill application for mobile/smartphones (hereafter “App”). 
Access and/or any action involving navigation on the Website's pages and/or downloading, installing and using the App or in any case the services connected to it automatically entails User's acceptance of the following general terms and conditions of use (hereafter abbreviated to “Conditions”).
Autogrill reserves the right to modify the Conditions at any time and without notice and with effect from the time of publication of the modified conditions. It is understood that any use of the Website/App or in any case of the services connected to it - after the publication of such modifications - shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions, as modified.

In accepting the contents of this document, User also confirms that they have read, understood and accepted the contents of the Privacy Policy which is understood to be an integral part of this document. Autogrill does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the Website/App or of any content accessed via the Website/App. Subject to the mandatory legal limits, Autogrill Italia S.p.A., the other affiliated and/or subsidiary Autogrill Group companies, licensors or operators of third party websites employed to access and use the Website/App are not liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages suffered by users or third parties due to access to, use of or impossibility to use of the Website/App.


Website/App activities

The Website/App enables Autogrill customers to register with the My Autogrill loyalty programme, get information on how the programme and its dedicated services work and have an overview of the promotions reserved for them. 
Once registered, customers can access their reserved area on the Website/App, from which they will be able to:

  • check their points balance, promotions tied to their account and most recent purchases at Autogrill points of sale;
  • check and update their personal details, withdraw consent to use personal data for marketing purposes, change their password for accessing the personal area;
  • download/view their digital ID for making themselves known at Autogrill point of sale check-outs;
  • manage loyalty cards that are linked to their account and can be used as ID at check-outs;
  • activate and use services for customers registered with the My Autogrill programme.
My Autogrill cannot be used in points of sale under the following signs:

  • Panino Giusto;
  • KFC;
  • Burger King in Milano piazza Duomo;
  • Fiera Milano;
  • Eni Cafè;
  • Temakinho;
  • Palma's;
  • Eataly Fiumicino;
  • Workeat.


Limitations and penalties

If a User acts in ways that are contrary to the law, public order and common decency or in any case in breach of these Conditions and of the other documents referred to herein, Autogrill reserves the right to suspend and/or close that User's account and/or prevent them from accessing the App or any of its functions (and report the fact to the relevant authorities if opportune) with express exclusion of all liability, in whatever capacity and for whatever reason, towards the User.
User acknowledges that use of the App's functions via a mobile device modified in ways not conforming to the producer's software or hardware guidelines, including the disabling of hardware or software controls, is expressly forbidden and constitutes an infringement of these Conditions and a cause of closure of the User's account. Autogrill in no way guarantees the compatibility of the App with the User's mobile device.


Intellectual property

All the contents of the Website/App, such as, by way of example, texts, data banks, drawings, trademarks, logos, models, projects, codes, procedures, etc., are owned by Autogrill or third parties which have licensed Autogrill to use and disclose them and are protected by current industrial and intellectual property law.
In particular, the rights of economic exploitation of the aforementioned material in the various sections are owned by Autogrill and/or third parties which have specifically authorised said enterprise to publish it, without prejudice to the ownership of moral rights by the relative authors. Any use of the contents of the Website/App, for whatever purpose, is forbidden unless expressly authorized and in accordance with these Conditions.
Autogrill undertakes to comply with Italian law on intellectual property and all other applicable copyright laws.


Hypertext links

The Website and/or App may contain hypertext links to third party websites. Hypertext links have the sole function of facilitating the User’s navigation without there being any relationship between the content of the Website/App and that of the third party website accessed.
Autogrill declines all responsibility for the working of links, contents, structure, truthfulness, accuracy and adequacy of the materials and/or information available on third party websites, and for the accessibility of third party websites linked to its own.
User is aware of the fact and accepts that, in accessing a third party website via a hypertext link and on exiting the Website/App and its Services, these Conditions (including Autogrill’s Privacy Policy) will consequently cease to apply and the specific conditions of use drawn up by the third party website owner will apply.


Click & Good Service

Following the activation of the Click & Good service, which enables customers to book and order a vast range of products at authorized points of sale via an online booking system, User is hereby informed that on using the new Click & Good online purchasing service the discounts and promotions provided with My Autogrill at check-out (eg. complimentary coffees) will not be available.
Points earned by making purchases via the Click & Good service will be duly accredited. For purchases made by truckers registered with My Autogrill via the Click & Good service, there will be a 10% discount on the amount of the order placed, such discount replacing the other discounts provided for.


Rewards Catalogue

A My Autogrill account enables Users to take part in our rewards operations. In particular, it enables Users to take part in the new rewards programme valid from 04/10/2022 to 31/10/2023, the Rules of which can be found via this link: 


Transition from old programme

Following activation of the new rewards operation, coffee points accumulated under the old programme that closed on 3/10/2022 will be converted into new points as from 4/10/22 under the new programme, as detailed in the table below:

  • 1 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 15 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;
  • 2 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 20 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;
  • 3 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 25 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;
  • 4 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 30 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;
  • 5 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 35 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;
  • 6 coffee points ai 03/10/2022 --> 40 "new points allocated on 04/10/2022;

Users who have accumulated 7, 8 or 9 “old” points, on the other hand, will be entitled to a complimentary coffee drink. Complimentary coffee drinks earned by accumulation/conversion will be valid and usable till 31/03/2023. After such date, they will be deemed expired and no longer claimable.


Applicable law and court with jurisdiction

These terms and conditions of use are regulated by and must be construed in accordance with Italian law. In cases of dispute over these terms and conditions of use or any dispute arising in relation to use of the Website or App, the court of jurisdiction shall be that of the place of residence or domicile of the User.