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Which products allow me to have access to the promotion 9+1?

All our coffee drinks allow you to earn points. Here are some examples: espresso, classic cappuccino, flat milk, coffee, classic cappuccino, ginseng and many others. The promotion is valid on the purchase of both bar formats and takeaway formats CLASSIC, MEDIUM, LARGE.

What products can I get for free?

All products that allow you to accumulate points, e.g. all coffee drinks, in all available formats(CLASSIC, MEDIUM, LARGE).

How do I get recognized at the cash register?

There are 3 ways you can make yourself known at the cash register:
  • you can show your digital ID from your smartphone
  • you can show My Autogrill card or one of the other cards that you can attach to your personal profile
  • you can simply provide your information to the cashier: name, surname and date of birth. It is necessary that you had entered the information inside “My data” section.

Where do I find my personal QR code?

Your QR code will always be available through My Autogrill app or in the personal Area of My Autogrill portal.

How do I get to know all the promotions?

Within your personal area, in the app or in the portal, it will always be available a list of promotions which you can enjoyin our stores.

Where can I see the services activated?

From the app or from the portal My Autogrill in “My Services” where you can find the list of available services, already implemented or still to be activated.

The cash register was offline and the operator has scanned my QR code or card but my drinks were not added to my account. How can I recover them?

Do not worry! If the cash register is offline all points will be automatically retrieved later. In case of problems call our Customer Service at 800 069 069 which can solve the problem in a simple and fast way.

The operator has scanned my QR code or card but my drinks were not added to my account. What can I do?

Are you sure you have confirmed your email address and associated your My Autogrill card during the registration process ? If the problem persists call our Customer Service at 800 069 069 who will be happy to help you solve this kind of problems.

Where can I use the app or My Autogrill card?

The app and My Autogrill card are valid at all Autogrill bars and restaurants but also in other exclusive outlets.

Is there a limit of free drinks I can earn?

Yes, you can earn up to 3 drinks for free. Until they drop below 3, it will not be possible to accumulate further coffee drinks.

Do I have to download the app to join the My Autogrill world?

No, you can register with portal and download your personal QR code or link your My Autogrill card to be recognized in the store. Remember, only app owners can access exclusive services such as Digital Payment, Store Locator, and so on.

I am interested in e-Invoicing. Do I have to sign up to My Autogrill?

Yes, the registration to My Autogrill is necessary to have the opportunity to enjoy all the exclusive services dedicated to our customers, including the digital billing service e-Invoicing.

Where can I check my points balance?

Your account balance will always be available on the app or in your personal area of My Autogrill portal.

Can I choose when to enjoy my free coffee drink?

Yes, by the cash register the operator will ask you if you want to immediately enjoy your coffee drink or if you prefer to keep it for next time.

I received an e-mail informing me of a promotion dedicated to me. What should I do?

You just have to reach one of the stores participating to My Autogrill program and be recognized through one of the three methods at your disposal (QR barcode, card My Autogrill card or your personal information).

What if I lose my My Autogrill card?

Don’t worry, simply log in to your personal My Autogrill area or use the app to delete the lost card. The next time you walk into one of our stores you will get a new card and link it to your account in order to use it without problems.

I don’t want to receive promotional e-mails by Autogrill any longer. What should I do?

You can simply remove the privacy consent from the “My Data” section on your personal area on MyAutogrill or by clicking on “Refresh My Data” within the App. In case of problems call our Customer Service at 800 069 069 who will be happy to help you solve this kind of problems.

Why has a friend of mine received a special offer while I have not?

All our offers are designed according to your needs. Surely soon you will receive an offer dedicated to you!

How can I connect my My Autogrill card to my account?

Through the app you just take a picture of the barcode on the back of the card to connect it to your profile, or through the restricted area of My Autogrill by entering the card number.

I tried to use My Autogrill card at the in cash register but it said it was not registered. Why?

Check on the website or through the app whether you have properly connected the card to your profile. Alternatively call our Customer Service at 800 069 069 that will help you solve this kind of problems.

How can I become a part of My Autogrill world?

It's very simple! Simply enter your email and password to register via the app or on the website. In just a few minutes you can start enjoying the benefits and exclusive services reserved for My Autogrill customers.

How do I update my personal information?

Within your profile on the portal or via the app you will always have the ability to update your personal information.

Does My Autogrill card has an expiry date?

No, My Autogrill card does not expire. Active promotions on your card do apply for a limited period of time.

Does the free product free allows me to accumulate points?

No, the free product is not valid for the accumulation of points.

Digital Payments

How can I create my E-wallet?

You can create your E-wallet with some simple and easy steps: Watch the video!

Once subscribed to Digital Payment services, is it still possible to pay by cash?"

Yes, you can always pay by cash. Watch how to.

After subscribing to Digital Payment services, is it possible to add or delete a payment method?"

As often as you need, you can modify your payment method within the app or add a new one: Here is how.

How do I use the Digital Payment service?

Using the service is simple: See how.

What is the Digital Payment service of My Autogrill?

Digital Payment service is a payment service made through the My Autogrill app. At no extra cost, you can now pay easily, quickly and securely using Paypal or your debit/credit cards in our stores.\n"

How does it work?

Using the Digital Payment service is simple - Just download the latest free version of the My Autogrill app and follow the set-up instructions adding your paypal account or your debit credit cards.

Where can I use it?

The Digital Payment service is active in all Autogrill branded store, you'll find the Paypal brand and/or the service icon accepted at the payment desk. Or, download the. My Autogrill app, and go to the section “Store Locator”.

Who can use the Digital Payment service?

Only registered customers to the My Autogrill program are able to use the Digital Payments service. To register for our loyalty program, it takes just a few clicks to join us.

What is the cost of the My Autogrill app and the Digital Payment service?

Both the app and the Digital Payments service are cost free and you incur no additional fee when using your smartphone as a payment device.

Posso utilizzare il servizio Pagamenti Digitali senza essere iscritto a My Autogrill?"

No, to use the service you need to be registered to My Autogrill. You can do so by entering your details or connecting through Facebook or Google. Hence, you'll have access to all promotions of My Autogrill. If you would like to know more about the benefits of My Autogrill, visit

Can I subscribe to the Digital Payment services through the My Autogrill site?

No, the subscription has to be done through the app My Autogrill, its available in Apple store and in Play store

What is needed to subscribe to the service?

Your first and last name, a PayPal account or alternatively a credit or debit card and a security PIN code of four digits.

How do I subscribe to the Digital Payment service of My Autogrill?

  • Open the My autogrill app and click the top left menu
  • Select "Digital Payments"
  • Please enter your first and last name or those suggested by the app
  • Choose a numeric password (PIN) of four digits, then add your three security questions that you'll need to use if your forget your PIN
  • Select one or more payment methods - You can choose to add your PayPal account and/or one or more credit/debit cards
    • Using Paypal, login if you've already registered. Alternatively, create an account directly on the PayPal website.
    • Using the credit/debit card method, you must enter all the required information from your card.

Can I use a prepaid card to subscribe to the service?

Yes, all debit cards using Visa, Mastercard, JCB, China Union Pay are accepted.

What types of credit cards can I use to subscribe?

All credit cards using Visa, Mastercard, JCB, China Union Pay are accepted.

How long does it take to subscribe?

Subscription to the service is fast. If you have a PayPal account, makes it even faster as you don't need to insert your card details, simply login to your account.

Why is it necessary to have all these details for subscription?

The data we required are those necessary to authorize transactions and to monitor their safety.

I don't have a Bank account, can I still subscribe to the Digital Payment service?

Yes, using a prepaid card of Visa, Mastercard, JCB, China Union Pay or PayPal.

How do I use the Digital Payment service when I'm at the cashier's desk?

The Digital Payment service of My Autogrill is easy to use: Simply tap the digital ID button with the My Autogrill logo, enter the PIN code and incase you've entered more than one payment method, opt for one of them. Following this, a QR code will appear on your screen, that is scanned at the cash-desk...and the payment is now complete! At the end of of the transaction, the cashier will give you a paper ticket and you'll also have a digital confirmation of payment in the app.

Do I have to give my phone to the Autogrill staff to carryout the payment?

No, you'll be requested to scan your phone on the scanner at the cashier's desk which will read your QR code, keeping your phone always in your hands!

Can I use the same QR code for multiple transactions?

To ensure the safety of your transaction, the QR code that appears on your screen is dedicated to a single transaction. By entering your PIN code, a new QR code will be created each time and valid for a duration of 15 minutes, in which you can use if for a single transaction.

Is it possible to use the My Autogrill card for payment and also for the accumulation of points?

You can make digital payments only through the My Autogrill app

The charges are debited straight away or at the end of the month?

The charges will be carried out according to the agreements already in place with your card issuer associated with your PayPal account or through the My Autogrill app.

Everytime I carry out a payment, is there a need to reconfigure my card details on the app?

No, you will be asked to configure your payment method only in digital payment section of the app. From then on, your saved preferences are kept in the app

If I change smartphones, do I have to re-run the setup of the application from the start?

Simply installing the My Autogrill app on your new smartphone, logging in will get you back to the promotions and services. The first time a QR code is requested for payment, you'll be re-asked to answer a security question, just to be sure of your identity. The following transaction, you can simply enter your PIN.

Can I change my payment methods?

Of course, you can always add/edit your payment methods within the app

How can I deactivate my account?

If you decide to cancel your Digital Payment services account, please contact (, which will assist in deleting your account for this service. Unsubscribing to the My Autogrill program also involves unsubscription from the Digital Payment service.

Is the Digital Payment service secure?

The Digital Payment service of My Autogrill is absolutely safe. All your personal data, account information of your PayPal and credit/debit cards are not saved on your phone and are not transmitted during the transaction. This means that even if your phone ends up in the wrong hands or someone photographs your QR code for payment, your data remains safe!

Why does the app continuously requests for a PIN when I try to carry out a digital payment?

To guarantee maximum security, the 4 PIN code is needed to approve and validate transactions

What are the rules for creating the security PIN code?

The PIN must comply with the following rules: 4 digits long, must contain only numeric characters, must not be in a predictable pattern such as repeated digits e.g (8888), incremental numbers (1234) and common compositions (2580).

Can my login details and secret PIN be stolen?

Our high security standards means that your data on your PayPal or credit/debit accounts are always secure. However, you can take some steps on your part to maximize the security:
  1. Username, password and PIN are strictly personal and should be stored carefully to prevent unauthorized third parties gaining access and possession
  2. Remember to always input your login details away from prying eyes
  3. Change your password and PIN code frequently

What happens if I loose my phone or it's stolen?

If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, do not fret. All your personal data, and your account details (PayPal, debit/credit cards) will be safe. They are protected by the safety code of your phone and your PIN. If you want to block your payment account, please contact our contact center ( Being locked out of the account involves the removal of your payment information, so when you re-download the app on a new device, you'll need to re-subscribe to the digital payment service, entering the required information.

Would I receive an email from My Autogrill, requesting for sensitive information on payment?

Be rest assured that you will never be asked via email to provide your password, PIN code or your debit/credit card information for payment. If you receive such requests, please contact, our contact center ( responding. Phishing is a computer fraud carried out by sending emails with counterfeit logos of monetary institutions, or a company that allows digital payments. These emails often calls on the recipient to provide sensitive data like credit card details, passwords to access a certain service, and these requests are justified with a technical reason.

Can I use the Digital Payment services on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the Digital Payment service from all devices that you've installed the My Autogrill app. Every time you use the service on a different device, to check your identity for security reasons, you will be asked to answer your security questions before retrieving the QR payment code. You can not however, make simultaneous transactions from different devices connected to your My Autogrill account.

Is the Digital Payment service aware of my credit & debit accounts movements?

No, the Digital Payment service can not track your bank account movements. Of course, at the time of payment, the service checks the ability of payment to ensure a successful transaction.

Are the payments made through the Digital Payment service tracked?

Sì, come tutti i pagamenti elettronici, le transazioni effettuate tramite il servizio Pagamenti Digitali di My Autogrill sono censite secondo quanto previsto dalla normativa vigente.

Are their limitations to using the service?

No, the limitations that may occur will be those set by your bank or those on your PayPal account.

My credit and debit cards, are they secure? Who can read them?

All your personal data, and/or the data of your PayPal and credit/debit accounts are all safe, thanks to the security system of your phone and the PIN used in the My Autogrill app. Moreover, your data will never be transmitted to your mobile phone or across other channels during the process of transaction.

Are the promotions of coffee points and others of My Autogrill still valid when using the Digital Payment service?

Yes they are, you are paying through the Digital Payment service making all the offers of My Autogrill still valid. You will receive coffee points and you will continue to receive all discounts and promotions dedicated to you.

Would I receive other emails apart from those of the My Autogrill program?

No, we will continue to send you only emails related to My Autogrill program for which you've already given your consent.


Which are the methods for receiving the invoice with the introduction of electronic invoicing from 1 January 2019?

- SUBJECT WITH ITALIAN VAT NUMBER: the original invoice will be sent in XML form through through "Sistema di Interscambio (SdI)" of the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Authority) using the PEC address or the recipient code you entered in your MY ATG account; in case you have not communicated this informations, I will receive the original invoice in your "cassetto fiscale" at Agenzia delle Entrate portal. A copy of the invoice in PDF will be sent to you by e-mail.

- SUBJECT WITH FOREIGN VAT NUMBER: the original invoice will be sent in PDF format and you can download it by accessing the site using the PIN code on the receipt.


All the indications in the next FAQs, related to electronic invoicing (trasmission of the invoice in XML format through the "Sistema di Interscambio (SdI)" of the Agenzia delle Entrate), are not applicable to subjects with foreign VAT number.

Is the new e-Invoicing card free?

Yes, you can ask for an e-invoicing card at any of our stores.

Do I have to provide my data every time?

No, once the registration is completed you will be automatically recognized.

Can I lend my e-Invoicing card or use someone else's card?

Your card is personal and associated to your fiscal and personal data. You cannot transfer it to third parties to ask for invoicing.

Can I use e-Invocing card without signing up?

Without signing up the card doesn't work. Click here to sign up.

Is there a minimum spending to receive my invoice by e-mail?

No, for any amount, you will receive the invoice in XML format through the "Sistema di Interscambio (SdI)" of the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Authority) and a courtesy copy in PDF via e-mail.

Can I get a printed invoice at the cash register?

Paper invoices are still available upon request. However, we suggest to reduce paper waste by using this service.

Can the service e-Invoicing be used with other promotions?

Yes. All promotions are valid when using e-Invoicing.

How do I delete my e-Invoicing account?

Send an email to and ask for unsubscription

Can I subscribe the e-invoice service without a VAT number?

Yes, you can subscribe the service with only the fiscal code and you’ll receive all your sales receipts.

Can I receive a monthly statement of my invoices or sales receipts?

Yes, you can enter in “My Services” area and click to “Modify Data”. Then you can select “Yes” to the option “I would like to receive a monthly summary” inside the “Personal Data” section.

They gave me a receipt with a pin number. Where can I download the invoice?

No, with the introduction of electronic invoicing, the invoice will be sent to you in XML format through "Sistema di Interscambio (SdI)" of the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Tax Authority). To have a courtesy copy in pdf, you can access the following site and click on "insert the pin" first, then on "to receive the invoice without registering, click here to enter the pin.

I asked for an invoice at the check-out and showed my e-Invoicing card, but haven’t received the document. Can you help me?

In this case, contact the Contact Center at the address: indicating the receipt number received at the checkout.

Can I ask for an invoice later, after the receipt’s been issued?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. You must ask for an invoice at check-out when the receipt is issued. We advise you to register with the e-Invoicing service, so that your tax data are automatically recorded in our systems.

I’ve received an invoice without a heading, with just the vat number. Is it valid?

Certainly! Invoices for amounts under €100.00 issued at check-out with just a VAT number are simplified invoices, i.e. without a heading. But we can confirm that such invoices are fiscally valid.

Can I modify the data entered in my e-Invoicing profile?

Absolutely! You can always update your personal details on the portal via the app.


Group Service

How can I activate my Group Service card?

To activate your Group Service card you have to register your profile on this portal. After confirming creation of the account, all you do is access the “My services” section of the My Autogrill profile, and click on “Activate now” in the Group Service window. A screen will open for you to enter your personal data and upload the required documents. and upload the required documents. You’ll receive an e-mail confirming the uploading of the documentation that will have to be validated by our offices.

I’ve lost my Group Service card. What do I have to do?

You can ask for a new Group Service card at one of our Autogrill locations. When you have the new card number, call Customer Service on 800.069.069 or send an email to and they’ll see to the replacement of of the old number.

I can’t manage to upload the documentation for activating the Group Service card. Can you help?

Check that the format of the uploaded documents is in line with the relevant requisites and that sizes do not exceed 2,5 MB. Alternatively, call Customer Service on 800.069.069 pand they’ll help you solve this kind of problem.

Can the advantages that come with subscribing to the Group Service card be combined with My Autogrill promotions?

Those advantages can be combined if not tied to gratuities that the Group Service card entitles you to.Take the case of a driver accompanying a group of at least 20 people: he or she is entitled to a free meal, but if that meal includes a coffee, that coffee does not go towards the driver’s “coffee points” under the My Autogrill promotion, because it wasn’t purchased but drunk for free.